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Monday, November 8th, 2010


Good news for online converter users and premium users, on the online converter we added an option to process file conversions on background by sending it to your premium account.
So instead of wait for the conversion with your browser open, now you can queue multiple file conversions and download it later…

File2HD Online Converter:

To process a file conversion on your premium account:
- Login onto your premium account.
- In; if you found a file that you want to convert, press the convert button.
- In the file converter; click the button “add to premium”.
- To download the file; wait some minutes and then go to your premium account, and click the file link.


File2HD – Premium Features Fixed

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010


The site has been updated to avoid the download problems of the last few days.

Aniscartujo – Youtube Downloading Fixed

Friday, March 19th, 2010


Due YouTube changes the File2HD video download capability from YouTube was down… but now File2HD has been fixed; and you can download files from YouTube as it used to work before…

For details of how to download from YouTube please check our older blog posts:

You must read and agree our terms of service before use File2HD…

Aniscartujo – Video Tutorials 2

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010


Here are some videos from users (like you) that will show you how to use for several purposes…

How to Use Premium to Download Myspace MP3: This video is a step to step tutorial to create, verify and use a File2HD Premium account.

From: leonardcarpenterysqf

How To Directly Download Flash Games: This video will show you how to download and play flash games offline using File2HD

From: RKZStudios

If you found any of those videos usefully, rate & comment the video under its respective YouTube link…
And if you think that any other video (done by you or by anybody else) can show how to use the features of, just post it on the comments…

Note: is not responsible for the content of those videos, those videos are not made by

Aniscartujo – Tips to Get Free Premium Invitation Codes

Monday, February 1st, 2010


Here are a few tips so you can get a free file2hd premium invitation code;

- Don’t try the last code first!, take a random one….
- Open 2-5 windows of your browser and pre-fill all the details, so when codes are posted, just copy/paste and submit…
- Copy and paste the code… Don’t type it!
- Don’t even try codes older than 1 minute! they will be all used…
- We send a warning twitter post 5-15 minutes before codes are posted… so keep an eye open…

- Why getting a free invitation code is so hard?
There are more than 5000 persons like you waiting for one…
- This is fake, its impossible to get a code…
Check other users twitter comments after codes are post… you will find some lucky ones that got a code…
- Is there any other way to get a free invitation code?
No, but if you want to support us you will get an account…


- You don’t need a twitter account to access our twitter page!
- Don’t create more than 1 free account per user, other wise you will get all your accounts canceled!
- Verify that the email address that you are using is valid! A confirmation email will be sent…
- Please do not email us requesting codes, all the email code request will be dismissed…

How to use File2HD Premium:
1) Login on your premium account
2) Click the “Goto File2HD Premium” link
3) On File2HD select all the files that you want
4) Go back to your File2HD Premium account and download the files…

More details on how to use the premium account, check older posts:

You can get the codes on our twitter account:

And you can use it, on the file2hd premium new user creation page:

Aniscartujo – Imeem Closed

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Hello, is currently closed, so cannot offer any kind service to a site that does not work…

More details on:

Aniscartujo Premium Stable Version

Sunday, December 6th, 2009


Thanks to all the users that help us to improve our system sending their feedback, and also thanks to the ones that support us on any other way.

After some long developing hours we improved the core of the system mainly to avoid any kind of file errors and speed up a little bit the process.  So now File2HD Premium is no longer beta :)

If you are here and you don’t know what is File2HD Premium,  basically is a improvement to our standard service that allows you to download files from some sites where a complex processing is needed… More info about this on our older blog posts.

File2HD Premium URL:

About the way to register on the system, you still will need a invitation code in order to use the premium system.
Invitation codes, are not sent via email nor will be posted here, they only will be given freely on our twitter account:
We will send a post on twitter almost five minutes before send some new invitation codes; so you can be ready… Codes only lives a few seconds, because each code only works one time…
We know that its a little hard to get a invitation code, but that is because you are not the only one that wants one… (A twitter comment from Link506  “be patient, the best things come to those who wait..”)
Also a little more information about why of the need of a invitation code to get to the system; its on our older blog posts.

And lastly, if you think that the continious maintenciace and improvement of our site over the years (we have more than 2 years online) deserves a contribution; fell free to do it:

Comments on this post will be keep open for some time… So feel free to share your thoughts with us… (Invitation code requests will be dismissed)


Twitter Updates

Friday, November 20th, 2009


For the users that did not came here on time, here is a little explanation of what is File2HD Premium:

To avoid updating the blog every day for free File2HD Premium invitation codes or any other kind of update, will be doing that on our twitter account…

So, follow us to keep you updated…

Don’t even try invitation codes older than 10 minutes they will be used…

Comments will be keep open (for some time), so “please” use them with wisdom, don’t request invitation codes… Use common sense before to ask questions :)


File2HD Premium Update

Friday, November 20th, 2009


For the users that did not came here on time, here is a little explanation of what is File2HD Premium:

Thanks to all the users that sent theirs comments and help us to improve our new system, new comments are not allowed right now because we are unable to handle 500 emails at day, but if you commented our previous post you still may get a Invitation Code onto your email… or keep checking the blog and new codes will be posted…

Why all this crap about invitation codes to use File2HD Premium?
The new Premium System requires more resources to work… So if we release it for everybody on one day queue times will be higher than a life time; making it senseless… So we will be opening the access to the new system very slowly so we can have time to update our servers and improve the code…

If you want to support us, you can give us little contribution here: (As cheap as a cup of coffee)
You are not forced to do it, we try to keep our system as free as we can without affecting its functionality…
But if you think that it worth it; do it; and in exchange for you contribution you will get an account without delays…